Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sister’s Love

Last week I shared the wreath I made for my sister, Helen. Today I want to share the beautiful gift she gave to me a few years ago. Yes, it’s the church below. Yes, it’s beautiful, but the story behind it is even more beautiful.
002 (2)
When I was a little girl, my mother had a beautiful plastic church with plastic stained glass windows. It was a music box that played “Silent Night.” I loved that church, and I would sit for hours playing with it. My mom died when I was eight years old. Many of her Christmas decorations were packed away, some never to be seen again. I always wondered what happened to the beautiful church that played “Silent Night.” Every year all my family and friends would hear about that church. Then a few years ago, my sister insisted that she visit me  before Christmas day. She arrived with a large gift bag. Inside the bag was The Church! When I opened up the gift, not yet knowing her story of love behind it, I said, “You’ve had Mommy’s church all these years?” No, she didn’t have the church, but she had great love for her little sister. She told me that she had gone onto ebay to see if she could find a church like the one our mother had. Not only did she find one, but she found two and . . . are you ready for this? When she called the seller she discovered that the seller lived in her town! She drove right over, looked at the churches and purchased, FOR ME, the one that looked the most like my mom’s. She couldn’t wait to give it to me.  This beautiful little plastic church that plays “Silent Night” sits in my studio and never gets put away. Every time I look at it I know how much I am loved.

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Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Wreath



It all started with this snowball ornament. My sister and I were shopping in August when we came upon this snowball ornament in a little shop. My sister fell in love with his face. It made her smile a great big smile, but she didn’t buy it.



I went back the next day and bought  three of them. I originally intended to give them to her as is, but that was much too boring. So, I came up with the idea to create a wreath for her.




My daughter came up with the idea to add the berries, and my cousin came up with the idea to add the baby’s breath.



My sister’s best friend made the bow.



And the silver and gold glass beads belonged to my mother. I strung them on wire.



The completed creation made for my sister by four women who love her dearly and, of course, a special remembrance of our mom weaved in.

A wreath truly made with love.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pink Saturday, December 10

Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you, Beverly @
Last week I visited The talented creator of this beautiful blog had a picture of the most delicious looking pink snowflake cookies. I wanted to make a cup of tea and have one.
This week I want to share some beautiful pink glass beads.
These beads belonged to my mom.
Along with these beads. They were strung on old fashioned string and my mom hung them on her silver Christmas tree. Mom passed away in 1967 and these beads were put in a box and forgotten about. I came across them several years ago. I unstrung  them and began to make ornaments for my siblings with them. When my brother opened his box he looked at the ornaments and said to his wife, "These are my mother's beads."
This year I am creating a wreath for one of my sisters.
I was in Michaels yesterday looking for some embellishments when I came upon some very pretty Christmas beads. I was blessed with inspiration to use some of my mother’s glass beads on my sister’s wreath. I am going to string them and then weave them into the wreath. I will post a picture when it is done.
Happy Pink Saturday Holidays!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pink Saturday

Beverly, at, hosts Pink Saturday, where bloggers can share with the blogging community. Beverly, this is my first Pink Saturday post. I hope I am doing this right.

Yesterday, I had a mammography. We have a wonderful Breast Center in my area of NJ. It is called The Collins Pavilion at Chilton Memorial Hospital. The people who work there are so kind and caring. They make the entire experience so comfortable. To make us all feel relaxed and comfortable they provide: coffee, tea, computers, T.V., cozy robes, and the most caring workers in the world. I am very thankful to be able to get my mammography at The Collins Pavilion.


This tree was in the waiting room. When I saw it I thought, “I need to share this on Pink Saturday.” Ladies, if you are overdue for your mammography, please call and make an appointment right now. Take care of yourselves. Red heart