Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog

It's Vicki's 2nd annual meet and greet blog party!
 Please click on the blue link to visit Vicki's amazing blog. 

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Thank you, Vicki!

Hi! I'm Terry! Welcome to my blog Sharing Divine Inspiration!

I started my blog in 2010. My reason for blogging back then was to share my passion for



needle felting,

and creating.

However, over the years my posts began to change.  Although I still share my creative passions I began to also share other parts of my life that bring me joy.

My cats,

books I love,

music I love,

and the husband and children I adore!

My blog has become my story, and I really like that.
I like knowing that one day my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, etc. can log onto my blog and read my story. 

I am a wife of 32 years to an amazing man, the mother of 25 year old quadruplets, an elementary special education teacher, a reader, a blogger, a knitter, a crocheter, a needle-felter, a walker, a home-body.

I am not a cook. I can cook, but I don't like to cook. I love anyone who will cook for me!
I am not a traveler. My favorite place in the whole wide world is Home Sweet Home.
I am not a runner. I used to be a runner, but my feet were about to bail out on me. I walk now. I much prefer walking over running. Now I get to see the beauty of this world that I used to run right past.

I am so grateful that you stopped by. Thank you! 
I look forward to visiting your wonderful blogs.

With gratitude and joy,

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just the Girls

Last night was the perfect ending to Christmas 2013.

Last night my daughters and I spent the evening with my mother-in-law at the High SocieTea House. My mother-in-law enjoys being with her children and grandchildren more than anything in the world. Nothing makes her happier than an unexpected visit from us. So this year my daughters and I gave my mother-in-law what we knew she really wants for Christmas - time spent together.

The four of us spent the evening at the High SocieTea House. It was beautiful, peaceful, and delicious. 

"The best place to be is together." 

From left to right - my daughters Shannon, Tracy and Meredith and my mother-in-law Willie.
Shannon was not unhappy. I only took one photo and I did not check it to see how it came out. She has a beautiful smile. Sorry about that, Shannon.

The Tea House was decorated so beautifully for the holidays. 

I think we may have started a new tradition. 

I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine.

Happy New Year!

Happy Pink Saturday! I am linking up with 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Vicki's At It Again!

Have you had the joy of discovering Vicki's blog?
If not STOP right now, click on the image below, and check it out! Be sure to come back, please!

2 Bags Full  -  My adventures in travel, knitting, and the blessings of my every day life.

Vicki is always doing for others. She just completed an amazing Pink Scarf Project where she collected over 300 pink scarves to be donated to Breast Cancer Centers across the United States.. You can read about that here:

Vicki creates these gorgeous nests and donates ALL the money she is paid for them to charity. You can read about that here:
and here:
and here:
and here:

I am one of the very excited recipients-to-be of Vicki's Vintage Millinery Nests! I am so looking forward to May!

I could go on and on about the absolutely amazing things Vicki does for others. She is a blessing to so many.

Last year Vicki hosted an extremely successful "Grow Your Blog" party. These parties take a ton of work, but Vicki is blessing us with another "Grow Your Blog" Party this year. Please click on the image below, read all about this party, and join!!!! I will be there!

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Hope to see you there too!

With love and blessings,