Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Remember This Photo


Remember this photo?


I posted it a while ago – August 29th. Well it was the beginning of a special project. I love to knit and felt. I love turning my knitting into felting. I buy beautiful roving for knitting on a website: Well, Marie Spaulding, the owner of Living Felt, began a project called the Peace Felt project. The Peace Felt project was to spread unconditional love and acceptance. All one had to do was sign up. Marie did the rest. She assigned, to each of us, a person to send our piece to and a person to who would send us a piece. The date to send our final product was September 29. What we created was up to us as long as it was 25% felt. We were off and felting, all 300 of us. The piece above  was knitted using Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. After I knit it I threw it in the wash and felted it. Voila! The felted front for my project.


Next I sewed the blue fabric on as the backing. That was after my wonderful husband cleaned and oiled my machine because it hadn’t been used in a while.



The next step was to needle felt the design. I used cookie cutters to help me with the design.


The final step was to stuff the pillow with fiberfill and sew up the last seam. Then I took lots of pictures, went down to the UPS Store and sent it off to my Peace Felt recipient in California.  I will definitely join the Peace Felt project again next year. Thank you, Marie Spaulding!