Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Will Be Your Job in Heaven?

Debbie Macomber writes in her book One Perfect Word that God spoke to her heart, and told her that there are wonderful books for her to write when she is in heaven.

Can you imagine loving what you do here on earth so much that you look forward to doing it in heaven?

That got me thinking.

What do I want my job to be in heaven?


I want to sit by a beautiful lake and knit angel wings. I can see them in my mind. They are white with glittery specks of silver or gold. They are so light one would not even know they were there. They will come in all sizes, as angels come in all sizes.


However, I will not be sitting alone all the time. I will have visitors who stop by on their way to do their job in heaven, and they will sit and talk and rest and then go on their way to do their work.


I will be a listener. Not a preacher or a teacher. ( I am a teacher here on earth.) I will be a listener. A knitter and a listener.


I will have lemonade or lemon tea with lemon cookies for those who stop by. I will provide a joyful peaceful moment for them. If they need new wings, I will give them those too.



I will have a little house where I keep my knitting materials, bake the lemon cookies and make the lemonade and the tea. I will also spend time with God every day.


I am dreaming of living my heaven life while I am here on earth. I can knit. I can listen. I can do my very best to provide peace and joy for others. I can spend time with God every day.


What will be your job in heaven?