Monday, March 11, 2019

Crochet Time

Hello! So glad you are here!

I love this Erma Bombeck quote! I pray that I use all of the gifts and talents that God has given to me too. 🙏 

Winter in NJ provides plenty of stay home and crochet time. I love snow! 

Baby D's baby shower is coming up, and I am crocheting these mini-baskets to fill with candy and use as party favors. Yes, it's a boy! I found the basket pattern here:

I am crocheting this blanket for Baby D's baby --- my coming in June grandson! 💙 I can't wait! I purchased the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket pattern from Annie's. The designer is Christine Naugle. You can also find her pattern on Ravelry. 

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket / Lovey

This is what the finished blanket should look like. Hopefully. Just in different colors. You can find Christine and her gorgeous patterns here:

I was crocheting shamrocks to make a garland for my kitchen window. That is Dory. She steals them every chance she can and bats them all over the floor. She's very gentle with them. I love Dory! She is 14 years old and a real love bug. She talks and she cuddles. She is very good company!

Here's the garland all hung up. I am very happy with it! Here's the link for the garland pattern:

I considered crocheting cupcake pincushions as favors for Baby D's shower. Baby C said that she liked the baskets better, so the baskets it is. They are also much less time consuming. I downloaded this pattern for free on Ravelry. The designer is Beth David. 

I found this cupcake pattern on Pinterest. The pattern was for crocheting a cupcake ring. I just made the cupcake and glued it onto a tiny clothespin. It makes an adorable paper clip. Fun! You can find the original pattern here:

Sometimes I make treats that one can actually eat. 😉 These are actually baked donuts. I didn't have a donut pan so I used a muffin tin. They are glazed with blueberry glaze. They are yummy! Have you heard of the food network show Girl Meets Farm? This is Molly's recipe. She is adorable, and she is expecting a baby just like my baby. Here's the link to this yummy recipe:

I was washing Dory's food dishes the other day and when I looked down I saw this perfect heart. I love finding hearts in unexpected places. 💖

I hope you have a joyful day and maybe find a heart of your own.
Terry 💗

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Few Recent and Ongoing Projects


Winter can seem like forever here in NJ. We've been blessed with a few days of temperatures in the high 50s. On those "warm" days we turn off the heat, open the doors and windows, and let the fresh air in the house. I go for long walks in the fresh air on those wonderful days too. Then there are the days like today. When it is 20 degrees with real feel temperatures in the single digits. Brrr! The too-cold-to-leave-the-house-days are wonderful for some just-for-fun projects. 

Back in January, after the Christmas decorations were put away, I decided to decorate for winter. I visited Pinterest for some ideas, and then I created the above. I walked around the house looking for silver objects. I found the silver tray, silver glitter, silver Christmas balls, silver bells, and the silver ribbon. In the jar they all went. I also had a package of snow. So, I sprinkled a bit of that into the jar and also put it on the tray. I was very happy with it. What do you think? Would you add anything? I think it would make a pretty centerpiece for a silver anniversary party too. 

I also put this together for our kitchen table. When creating the centerpiece I started with a silver tray. You can't see it because it is under the white wreath. I used it to add a little height. Next came the white wreath. I set a cake stand into the center of the wreath. On top of the cake stand is tinsel, blue bottle brush trees, and a candle. I used a battery operated tea light. It looks so pretty at night, and I can leave the glass dome on. I added the two snowflake battery operated candles. They were a bit too short so I popped them into matching glass vases and the height issue was solved. It all looked so pretty when it was lit up at night.

I have wanted to make homemade marshmallows for years. I finally made them!  I found my recipe here: They are absolutely delicious! Especially in a cup of hot chocolate! Yum! 

I packaged them up and gave them as Valentine gifts. They were a hit! They are easy to make, but you do need a candy thermometer, and it will be easier if you have a stand mixer.  

There are a few more things going on right now.

My daughter - Baby D is having a baby in June. For those of you who don't know, my children are quadruplets. When multiples are born the hospital labels them Baby A, B, C, D, etc. Baby D is expecting a boy! The baby shower is in April. So much to do to get ready for the shower and the baby! 

My son - Baby B is getting married in November. The bridal shower is in September. Lots of planning and shopping to be done. 


More about that another day.

Have a wonderful winter's day!
Terry ❄

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Retired Life So Far


I am 7 months retired! Wow! Where did the time go? How did I manage to do all that I do and work too!?

June was filled with parties - retirement parties and birthday parties. Our children threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my husband and me. Boy were we surprised! They really got us! It was a wonderful party. I didn't want the evening to end!

July and August were filled with summer activities - gardening, entertaining, long early morning walks, and spending some time at the beach with family. Oh yes! I volunteered at our town's used book sale. It's a huge sale! I loved working there being surrounded by books and by people who love books. So much fun! In July, my husband and I spent a few days at Lake George in NY celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary.

The gorgeous Lake George. This water is so clean it is used for drinking water. 

September and October were a bit challenging as I created new autumn routines. I still went for long morning walks with my best friend. I spent a lot of time decorating my home for the fall and making it cozy and warm. My husband and I spent some time in Martha's Vineyard, MA and in Newport, RI. Going to Martha's Vineyard had been a long time dream of mine. I am very grateful that my husband made that dream come true. Martha's Vineyard is so beautiful and relaxing!

A small fishing village on Martha's Vineyard. 

Vineyard Haven - I love what the words on top of the clock. I want this in my house!

A ferry leaving Martha's Vineyard in the evening.

Oak Bluffs

The car museum in Newport. 

Newport - lots and lots of boats.

November brought Thanksgiving and family from NJ, PA, and California! We had a wonderful time cooking, laughing, talking, and eating. Lots of eating! We spent a few days in Rehoboth, DE. There is lots of great shopping there.

A Christmas decoration at The Boardwalk Hotel in Rehoboth. See the blue in the background? That's the ocean!

A heart shaped reflection. 


My sister on the left, my cousin in the middle, me on the right.

December was filled with Christmas activities - shopping, parties, cooking, wrapping, eating. Lots of eating! Once again!

Among all of that was exciting news!
1. I'm going to be a grandma! In June!

It's a boy!

2. My son is getting married! In November!

Now it is January, and things have slowed down at bit. Actually a lot. I have fallen into a very nice winter routine of:
~ work - I have a new job (part-time) working from home for a children's e-book company.
~ exercise - I still walk outside as much as possible.
~ reading - Truthfully, I could really curl up and read all day long.
~ creating - knitting, crocheting, felting, crafting - all while watching the Hallmark channel.

~ just taking it easy allowing winter to just be what it is meant to be - a time to hibernate and rest and renew.

I love my retired life!

I pray all is well with you!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Wedding Countdown Jar for Him


We've had a lot of snow in New Jersey.

This is the view outside of my studio doors. 

School was closed for three days blessing me with the gift of  time to write lesson plans and craft.

In my last post I shared the wedding countdown jar I created for a colleague. Not expecting to receive one, her fiance said that he would like one with a top hat. I was blessed with the time, so I made him one. 

This is a view from the side. It is only 53 days until their wedding. I probably should have chosen a smaller jar. 53 Hershey kisses doesn't look like much in this jar.

Here's the front of the jar. I think it came out pretty cute. What do you think?

Happy Crafting!

Friday, March 9, 2018

A Wedding Countdown Jar


Recently a friend blessed me with a Retirement Countdown Jar that she made for me.

I so enjoy counting down my remaining days at work by eating a delicious piece of chocolate every work day, I was divinely inspired to create a jar for someone else. My colleague Lori is getting married in May, and I thought she would enjoy having a Wedding Countdown Jar. So I made one for her.

This was so much fun! I found the ball jar mug at Joann Fabric and Crafts. The chalkboard paint square was already on the jar, but I think it would be really easy to paint it on yourself. I sprayed the tops of both of the parts of the lid with Aleene's Tacky Spray and then covered them with glass glitter. I shook the excess off onto a paper plate and poured it back into the glitter jar. I don't want to waste any of that gorgeousness! I wanted Lori to be able to unscrew the top to get to the chocolate without removing the bow, so I hot glued the bow around the lid. She needed a piece of chalk to change the countdown each day, and again I wanted her to be able to remove and replace the chalk easily. So I glued the ribbon to the handle of the mug then tied the bow around the chalk. The chalk slips easily in and out with untying the bow.

Lori loved the jar, but I think I loved giving to her more. It made me so happy to make her happy! Lori brought the jar home and her fiance Rob said that he would like to have one too. He said that he would want one with a top hat. Of course I am going to make one for him too! I will be sure to post it when it is done.

I think these jars would make great wedding shower favors or use a larger jar and create centerpieces for the shower. Whatever you are counting down eating a piece of chocolate each day in your countdown makes it so much more delicious!

Happy Creating!
Terry 🎔

Monday, February 19, 2018

Counting Down?


I am having a wonderful divinely-inspired weekend!

Before I left work on Thursday I received a text from a dear friend telling me that she had dropped something off on my front door handle. As soon as I arrived home I ran to the front door, and I discovered this beautiful gift bag hanging on my front door. Isn’t the bag gorgeous? It’s made of a nice sturdy plastic that can be used again and again. The bag itself was a gift!

I brought the bag inside, removed the paper, and to my delight found this!

I am retiring this June from 29 years of teaching. Thursday was the 100th day of school, and since there are 180 days in the school year, I only have 80 more days to go! My dear friend Liz made me this countdown jar. She filled it with 80 pieces of chocolate. There was a letter in the bag in which she wrote, “Hope you enjoy having one chocolate each day at the end of each remaining school day as you see the days and chocolates dwindle down!” How fun! I am eager to get back to work on Tuesday so I can start eating my chocolate!
Isn’t this a great idea? Think of all the countdowns for which you could create a chocolate countdown jar! A wedding, a big birthday, a long anticipated vacation, …  Such a fun gift to receive and give! Divine Inspiration is everywhere! I know just the person for whom I will create a chocolate countdown jar! I will be sure to post all about it.

Terry 🎔

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hello, My Friends, Hello

Hi blogging friends! It’s been a long time since I posted – a very long time – 19 months to be exact. During those 19 months I received much joy from reading blogs from some of my favorite bloggers. (Lorraine from Flower Ladys Musings, Matt from Boy and Bunting, Carol from Art and Sand, Susan Branch from Susan Branch – just to name a few.) I thought that one of the ways I can give back for the joy they have blessed upon me is to blog and perhaps bless joy upon others. That is my goal – to bless each of my readers with joy.

My blog is titled “Sharing Divine Inspiration” and that is exactly what I plan to do. I am soon to be on a new path in my life. All is well – no worries, at the end of this school year I am going to retire. I have been teaching for 29 years. I love my job, but I still have dreams to attain. So, I will be moving forward in the direction of my dreams.

I have been very blessed. Almost all of my dreams have come true. As a child I did not dream of being a teacher or a nurse or a secretary. (Those were pretty much the choices in those days. I also had the option of being a nun.) I dreamed of being a wife and a mother and creating a beautiful home. When I would go to my friends’ homes I would look around and pay attention to what I loved in their homes. I always loved anything handmade.

I am happily married to Gary for 36 years. I have four amazing children. All 29 years old – they are quadruplets. (The kids were part of the dream but the quadruplet part that’s another story.) We live in a home that Gary and I designed and built. We have filled our home with many handmade items. The teaching job was icing on the cake. Life is good!

I had another dream as a child. I dreamed of being an interior designer. However, I did not think of myself as being “artistic". I always loved to create, but back then I believed that you had to be able to draw in order to be an interior designer. So I pushed that dream down deep in my heart, but I never let it go. Now, that I have a better understanding of the field of interior design, I realize that is really not what I want. My dream is to work in the fiber arts world designing and creating handmade items for the home. Maybe even doing a little teaching.

As life goes on I continue to dream. I dream of traveling across the country with Gary. I dream of being a grandma – but that one isn’t exactly up to me. I dream of taking a ship across the ocean to England. I dream of taking classes in photography, knitting techniques, and yes, drawing and painting.

I know that I will continue to be blessed with Divine Inspiration in the direction of my dreams, and that is what I plan to share with you right here on this blog. I have already been led to a few step already. I was led to a class at Vogue Knitting Live NY in designing in knitting. I was led to a vision board workshop. My amazing neighbor at A Mindful Journey gives the most relaxing and inspirational vision board classes. I love my vision board! I have it hanging up right in front of where I drink my coffee every morning. I look at it each morning knowing that the dreams on my vision board are on their way to coming true.

I would love for you to come along with me on this journey as I follow Divine Inspiration to where dreams come true. Remember, “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 What are some of your dreams?

Joyfully,                                                                                                                Terry