Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Love Snow! I Love Snowmen!

Hi, everyone!

Merry Christmas!  

Happy Holidays!  

I want to begin by thanking Beverly at for her weekly Pink Saturday party. I have been away from my blog for a while, and Beverly is my inspiration for returning. Thank you, Beverly! Red heart

The party invitation said to share your snow/snowmen, so grab your cup of coffee and let’s go! Coffee cup



This is the inside of my hutch. Lots of snowmen!


We have twinkle lights inside and it looks so pretty at night. Keeping the garland on the top was a challenge. After frustrating both myself and my husband I finally gave in and let him put two small nails on the top. Now, the garland stays put.


This beautiful guy stands on top of the hutch. I love the way he looks with the red cardinal.


Check out the adorable one sitting on the door on the left. He has sand in his bottom, which helps him stay put. Smile


Our home has lots of Americana decorations, so, of course, we had to have an Uncle Sam snowman.



My sister Helen bought this snowman rug for me for Christmas this year. Isn’t he gorgeous? Helen makes the best Christmas cookies in the whole world.


My mother-in-law got this adorable snow couple for me at The Christmas Tree Shop. Love The Christmas Tree Shop!


My husband’s cousin Beth gave me this precious mitten box years ago when my children were little. I really did keep their mittens in it. Now it holds my husbands cell phone charger and other electronic gadgets.


I love this snowman lamp! I am a teacher and one of my students gave this to me several years ago. His mom got it through the Avon catalog. Isn’t he precious?


This guy sits on top of our guest bathroom toilet. I thought I would spare you the picture of the toilet. He is a wise guy snowman. He is motion censored, and when you walk into the bathroom, actually when you walk past the bathroom, he talks. He says, “Ho, ho, ho, who’s gotta go?” and “Here in the bathroom don’t mind me. I’m here to keep you company.” and “Whatcha doing? On second thought, never mind. He, he, he.” and “Pull up a seat and make yourself comfy.” and “If you need any presents wrapped, I’ve got plenty of paper in here.”  and “Are you okay? You look a bit flushed. Get it? Flushed!”  He drives my husband crazy, but I think he is hysterical! He came from our local Hallmark Store.



This too came from the Avon catalog, about 20 years ago. My 24 year old daughter Shannon still insists that he gets put up every year. She has one in her bedroom too. Shannon loves to decorate for Christmas. I told her that when she moves out I hope she comes home to help me decorate every year. Red heart


This great guy was a gift from my mother-in-law too. The “Fresh Cut Christmas Trees” sign was handmade by my husband’s cousin Ken and his wife Isabel. I love handmade!



I love this snowman banner. We have a company called “Books Are Fun” that comes to school and sets up in the teachers’ room all kinds of books, gadgets, decorations, etc. for amazing prices. This only cost me about ten dollars. It is painted on a piece of heavy cloth, duck cloth I think. Every time I look at it I think, “I should try to make one of those.” But I never do. I should have bought twenty of them to give away, because everyone who comes to visit loves it.


This lights change color.


Placemats on my kitchen counter.



The white board hanging on my laundry room door. I love snow! The little wanted sign reads, “WANTED JOLLY MEN BEARING GIFTS.”


I live in North Jersey and we have had three good snow storms already this year. I watched a little squirrel all summer carry hickory nuts across my front yard and up into the woods. He did this at least six times a day from June through September. I’m thinking we are going to have a pretty stormy winter. He certainly was prepared for Superstorm Sandy.

I took the following photos one morning after a snowfall at sunrise. So pretty!



From my home and heart to yours,

TERRY Coffee cup

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Will Be Your Job in Heaven?

Debbie Macomber writes in her book One Perfect Word that God spoke to her heart, and told her that there are wonderful books for her to write when she is in heaven.

Can you imagine loving what you do here on earth so much that you look forward to doing it in heaven?

That got me thinking.

What do I want my job to be in heaven?


I want to sit by a beautiful lake and knit angel wings. I can see them in my mind. They are white with glittery specks of silver or gold. They are so light one would not even know they were there. They will come in all sizes, as angels come in all sizes.


However, I will not be sitting alone all the time. I will have visitors who stop by on their way to do their job in heaven, and they will sit and talk and rest and then go on their way to do their work.


I will be a listener. Not a preacher or a teacher. ( I am a teacher here on earth.) I will be a listener. A knitter and a listener.


I will have lemonade or lemon tea with lemon cookies for those who stop by. I will provide a joyful peaceful moment for them. If they need new wings, I will give them those too.



I will have a little house where I keep my knitting materials, bake the lemon cookies and make the lemonade and the tea. I will also spend time with God every day.


I am dreaming of living my heaven life while I am here on earth. I can knit. I can listen. I can do my very best to provide peace and joy for others. I can spend time with God every day.


What will be your job in heaven?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

God Has A Sense of Humor

I’ve heard it said that God has a sense of humor, and I agree completely.
First, He blessed my husband and me with quadruplets. They are 23 years old now, but this photo is way too cute not to post. Sadly, both my mom and dad passed away before my children were born. I had two doctors while I was expecting. One was named Lillian and the other James. Do you want to guess what my parents’ names were? Yep, Lillian and James. God does have a sense of humor, because I know that my parents were laughing when I gave birth to quadruplets. I wasn’t the easiest child. . . Smile

Next, God chose to plant me here, in the country, on six acres of land. I grew up in a lake community where the homes were so close together we could talk to one another from our windows. Our property was so small is could be cut with one of those push mowers that doesn’t even have a motor. Actually, scissors probably would have been fine. Gardening is not my thing - - - so I told God.
He laughed and said, “I know the plans I have for you . . .”
I told God  I would do what He asked, but I could really use some help.  I told Him that I would plant if He would water. He laughed at that too. Smile

DSC01289So maybe someone out there reading my blog could help me. Do you like to water? No, only kidding.
This garden faces southeast. The hibiscus in the corner is doing really well, but the rest of the plants aren’t quite as happy. See that vent down low on the house? That’s the dryer vent. Plants don’t seem to care for it much.
The hibiscus is happy. Maybe a whole garden of hibiscus. See my orange snail in the window. Isn’t he cute?
The hibiscus is chock full of buds. I can’t wait until it blooms.
DSC01288Even my potted plants aren’t so happy. The bear are going after the ants in the tree stump, so I may have to move this plant before it falls.

DSC01312Then there is this garden. I have put a lot of sweat equity into this garden. Although it is on the east side of the house it is very shady because of all the trees. The myrtle is doing well and a couple of ferns, but that is about it. Oh, yes, the hostas were doing great also until the deer came along and ate them. There are lots of critters around here that like to eat what does seem to thrive.

DSC01318Well, dear reader, do you think you can help me? Any and all advice and suggestions will be very much appreciated.

DSC01302We’ve been living here for seventeen years, and I’m hearing God say, “Maybe you better get some help.”
He does have a sense of humor – doesn’t He?

 Love,                                                                                                        Terry Red lips

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please Pause and Pray Now

A fellow blogger needs your prayers. 

Kari from  was hit by a drunk driver while she was out running. Several of her bones were broken. Would you pray for her complete recovery? Would you also visit her blog and leave some words of encouragement?  She is not blogging at this time, but her husband is leaving some updates, and her family is reading our comments to her.

I have never visited Kari's blog. Michelle, from Faith, Trust and a Little Pixie Dust - - shared Kari's story with her readers. Thank you, Michelle. 

I am overwhelmed with the caring and support that you, my fellow bloggers, provide for one another. It is an honor to be a member of such an amazing caring community.

With love,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Easy Way to Be Happy

Being thankful is one of the easiest ways to live a happy life. Several years ago Oprah Winfrey introduced a wonderful book titled Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

This book changed my life simply by the author's suggestion to write down five things everyday for which  I was thankful. 

Now, I was not unhappy at the time, but I did complain a lot. At the time the book came out I was a stay at home mom with four children - quadruplets - and I did moan and groan about my life. Then I read this book and I decided to keep a "Gratitude Journal."

I did use the one above, but I found that a simple notebook purchased at the food store was just perfect. 

I would sit down every morning with my coffee and list five things I was grateful for. I soon discovered that I had many more than five. I was making a longer list as time went on. 

I wrote:
Dear God, thank you for . . .

Soon I found that I was not complaining about my life, instead I was telling everyone how blessed and wonderful it was. My marriage was happier. My children were happier. I was happy!!!! And all it took were two little words - THANK YOU!

I still sit down every morning, with my coffee, and write down at least five blessings  for which I am abundantly grateful. I am a very happy person. I love my life! 

Go, do it now! Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down 5 things you are thankful for. Then do it again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, etc. Watch how your life will change. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am thankful for you.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little Bit About Me

I love reading the “About” section of everyone’s blogs. I love knowing a little bit about the person behind the blog. So, I thought I would periodically tell a little more about myself than what I have written in my “About” section.

me This is me! I am 54 years old, happily married to Gary for 31 years, a special education teacher and a mother of 4.


DSC01218These are my beautiful children. This was taken at their college graduation party a few weeks ago. Yes, all four of them graduated from college at the same time. They are quadruplets.

 GirlBoyGirlGirlFrom left to right: Meredith, Rick, Tracy and Shannon.


scan0001Here we all are shortly after they were born almost 24 years ago. My husband and I were functioning on very little sleep.


scan0011This was taken on their first birthday. I love this photo! It makes me smile every time I look at it. Smile



My children are a gift from God that I am abundantly thankful for every single day. My husband and I were praying for children for four years. My doctor discovered that I was not ovulating regularly and suggested I take Clomid – a fertility medication. I took Clomid for four months and still no pregnancy. So, she said, “Let’s give Pergonal  - another fertility medication -  a try.” One shot of Pergonal and I was pregnant! I was so happy I was shouting it from the rooftops!

My precious little bundles arrived six weeks premature. The girls were healthy. My son developed an infants form of colitis called NEC, but fortunately he fought through it and won. Five weeks after they were born everyone came home. Smile

It wasn’t easy, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Love,                                                                                                        Terry Red lips