Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Retired Life So Far


I am 7 months retired! Wow! Where did the time go? How did I manage to do all that I do and work too!?

June was filled with parties - retirement parties and birthday parties. Our children threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my husband and me. Boy were we surprised! They really got us! It was a wonderful party. I didn't want the evening to end!

July and August were filled with summer activities - gardening, entertaining, long early morning walks, and spending some time at the beach with family. Oh yes! I volunteered at our town's used book sale. It's a huge sale! I loved working there being surrounded by books and by people who love books. So much fun! In July, my husband and I spent a few days at Lake George in NY celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary.

The gorgeous Lake George. This water is so clean it is used for drinking water. 

September and October were a bit challenging as I created new autumn routines. I still went for long morning walks with my best friend. I spent a lot of time decorating my home for the fall and making it cozy and warm. My husband and I spent some time in Martha's Vineyard, MA and in Newport, RI. Going to Martha's Vineyard had been a long time dream of mine. I am very grateful that my husband made that dream come true. Martha's Vineyard is so beautiful and relaxing!

A small fishing village on Martha's Vineyard. 

Vineyard Haven - I love what the words on top of the clock. I want this in my house!

A ferry leaving Martha's Vineyard in the evening.

Oak Bluffs

The car museum in Newport. 

Newport - lots and lots of boats.

November brought Thanksgiving and family from NJ, PA, and California! We had a wonderful time cooking, laughing, talking, and eating. Lots of eating! We spent a few days in Rehoboth, DE. There is lots of great shopping there.

A Christmas decoration at The Boardwalk Hotel in Rehoboth. See the blue in the background? That's the ocean!

A heart shaped reflection. 


My sister on the left, my cousin in the middle, me on the right.

December was filled with Christmas activities - shopping, parties, cooking, wrapping, eating. Lots of eating! Once again!

Among all of that was exciting news!
1. I'm going to be a grandma! In June!

It's a boy!

2. My son is getting married! In November!

Now it is January, and things have slowed down at bit. Actually a lot. I have fallen into a very nice winter routine of:
~ work - I have a new job (part-time) working from home for a children's e-book company.
~ exercise - I still walk outside as much as possible.
~ reading - Truthfully, I could really curl up and read all day long.
~ creating - knitting, crocheting, felting, crafting - all while watching the Hallmark channel.

~ just taking it easy allowing winter to just be what it is meant to be - a time to hibernate and rest and renew.

I love my retired life!

I pray all is well with you!

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  1. Oh dear Terry ~ so wonderful to read all of your past news. Congrats on your retirement, yours and Gary's shared bday celebration, your 37th anniversary, and the holidays with family and a grandbaby coming and an upcoming wedding as well. It all looks/sounds wonderful.

    Your felted 'JOY' pillow, is on my loveseat in the living room and brightens my space. A friend was over the other day saw it and loved it. Wanted to know if I had made it and I said no a friend did. That friend is you and I thank you again for the give-away and that I was the winner. :-)

    Keep enjoying your retired life. Each day is a gift.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady