Monday, March 11, 2019

Crochet Time

Hello! So glad you are here!

I love this Erma Bombeck quote! I pray that I use all of the gifts and talents that God has given to me too. 🙏 

Winter in NJ provides plenty of stay home and crochet time. I love snow! 

Baby D's baby shower is coming up, and I am crocheting these mini-baskets to fill with candy and use as party favors. Yes, it's a boy! I found the basket pattern here:

I am crocheting this blanket for Baby D's baby --- my coming in June grandson! 💙 I can't wait! I purchased the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket pattern from Annie's. The designer is Christine Naugle. You can also find her pattern on Ravelry. 

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket / Lovey

This is what the finished blanket should look like. Hopefully. Just in different colors. You can find Christine and her gorgeous patterns here:

I was crocheting shamrocks to make a garland for my kitchen window. That is Dory. She steals them every chance she can and bats them all over the floor. She's very gentle with them. I love Dory! She is 14 years old and a real love bug. She talks and she cuddles. She is very good company!

Here's the garland all hung up. I am very happy with it! Here's the link for the garland pattern:

I considered crocheting cupcake pincushions as favors for Baby D's shower. Baby C said that she liked the baskets better, so the baskets it is. They are also much less time consuming. I downloaded this pattern for free on Ravelry. The designer is Beth David. 

I found this cupcake pattern on Pinterest. The pattern was for crocheting a cupcake ring. I just made the cupcake and glued it onto a tiny clothespin. It makes an adorable paper clip. Fun! You can find the original pattern here:

Sometimes I make treats that one can actually eat. 😉 These are actually baked donuts. I didn't have a donut pan so I used a muffin tin. They are glazed with blueberry glaze. They are yummy! Have you heard of the food network show Girl Meets Farm? This is Molly's recipe. She is adorable, and she is expecting a baby just like my baby. Here's the link to this yummy recipe:

I was washing Dory's food dishes the other day and when I looked down I saw this perfect heart. I love finding hearts in unexpected places. 💖

I hope you have a joyful day and maybe find a heart of your own.
Terry 💗

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  1. Those baskets are adorable and will be enjoyed by all.

    I'll check out the baked donuts recipe. I do have a pan to make them in doughnut shapes.

    The bubbles heart shape was a real treat. I love it when hearts surprise us like that.

    Love that Teddy Bear Blanket. Happy Crocheting ~ FlowerLady