Monday, February 17, 2014

A Knitter's Winter

Most people head to the grocery store when they hear that a snow storm is coming.

Not me. I head to the yarn shop.

When I hear a storm is coming my first thoughts are, "Do I have enough yarn?"

Winter 2013-2014 has been a knitter's winter.

There's nothing cozier than knitting in front of a fire.

This winter has blessed me with the time to finish up some projects, and, of course, begin some.

I was able to finish this prayer blanket for a special little baby boy who is having surgery. This blanket was so much fun to crochet. I loved watching the angel appear. I do believe this is going to be my go to baby blanket pattern. It took me about a month to crochet this blanket while working full time with a snow day or two. You can find the pattern here.

I started this cowl last year. While grafting it together I made a huge mistake and the whole thing started to unravel. I quickly put a life line in it and tossed it in a basket knowing that I needed to return to it when my patience was at its highest level. I pulled it out of the basket last Friday, finished grafting it Saturday, and wore it Saturday night out to dinner. You can find the pattern here

I know. I know. Most people are losing their patience this winter. I am becoming more relaxed with each storm. 

Last night I started knitting a teddy bear for the Mother Bear Project. The Mother Bear Project provides hand knitted teddy bears to children in emerging nations. Thousands of Mother Bear teddy bears have gone to children in Africa. So many children in Africa are affected by HIV/AIDS. Millions of these children are orphaned by this disease. These teddy bears are meant to bring these children just a little bit of comfort and hope. These teddy bears are one simple way to let these children know that someone cares. 

I was privileged to meet Amy Berman, the founder of the Mother Bear Project at Vogue Knitting Live NY a couple of years ago. The minute I stepped into Amy's booth I could feel the energy of love, kindness and abundant caring. Please take a few minutes and read about Amy here.

If you are interested in knitting or crocheting one of these easy-to-make bears just send $5.00 to: 
P.O. Box 62188
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Let them know if you  would like the knit pattern or the crochet pattern and they will send it to you. Please visit their website Mother Bear Project for more information. 

The snow will end. The crocuses will push their way up through the snow reaching for the sunlight. The daffodils will appear. SPRING will come. However, for now, grab a cup of hot coffee or tea, light a fire in the fireplace, put your feet up and watch the snow come down. There is peace to be found in snow falling upon snow. 


Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Thinker

So many bloggers have interesting names/titles for their husbands. 

Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman calls her husband "Marlboro Man." 

Vicki at Bags Full calls her husband "The Gardner." 

So, I gave some thought to what I would call my husband and I decided that it must be

The Thinker

My husband is always thinking. 

He refuses to make split second decisions. 

I warn you, never go to one of those big warehouse stores like BJ's or Costco with him unless you have at least three hours. 


Being married to The Thinker is a good thing --- a very good thing. 

So, from here on I will refer to my husband as "The Thinker."

And about that body ... he's mine girls ... all mine. And that is a very good thing too. 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Winter Weekend Getaway

Last weekend my husband and I spent a delightfully relaxing weekend in Rehoboth, Delaware.

We stayed at a gorgeous hotel called
The Boardwalk Plaza.

They had a special weekend package called
 "Cozy Winter Weekend."

And it was!

We both left work a little early on Friday, and were on our way to Delaware by early afternoon. I love long drives. Gary does the driving, and I do the knitting/crocheting. This way I don't tell him how to drive, and we both arrive peacefully at our destination.

I am presently working on this blanket. I'm making mine in blue for a special little baby boy.

Click on the photo for the pattern.
Check out the magazine too. 

We arrived at The Boardwalk Plaza around 6:00 p.m. We went to the front desk to register, and look at the gorgeousness that greeted us! I was happy happy happy from the moment we walked in.

Friday night we ate at The Pub inside the hotel. I had a delicious glass of Howling Moon Pinot Noir. Gary enjoyed a beer. Our burgers and salad were scrumptious. Service was impeccable.

This sign is in the hotel lobby and elegant it was. 

Saturday morning we woke up to this view.

We were on the move early. This is very rare for us. We usually like to linger over coffee for a few hours. 

We found a wonderful place to have breakfast called The Point Coffee House and Bake Shoppe. Oh, my! Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

Yes! They roasted their own coffee! Amazing! I want to move to Rehoboth just so I can have coffee there everyday. 

Saturday was cold and snowy, but we toured the area and stopped at some wonderful shops. Everyone was so warm and friendly. It as such a pleasant day.

By 4:00 we were back at our cozy hotel drinking hot coffee for Gary, hot chocolate for me and eating mini almond joy cakes. They weren't so mini, and they were absolutely decadent. Yum! 

At 7:00 it was dinner here while listening to piano and cello music. Pure delight! The food, oh my goodness! I had the crispy duck and Gary had the steak. Delectable!!! And guess what wine was suggested to go with my duck - yep! Howling Moon Pinot Noir! 

I videotaped some of the beautiful music. Gary didn't realize I was taping it, and he started to fuss with the dinner bill. That's the funny crinkling sound.

Sadly, Sunday we had to leave this view. We agreed that the next time we will stay one more night. 
Is one more night ever enough? 

So we said our good byes for now, but we will be back. We will definitely be back.