Saturday, July 17, 2010

I finally finished my brown shawl! I started this shawl exactly one year ago. I was knitting it to wear to my nephew's wedding. I knitted it every spare moment for two weeks before the wedding. I worked on it for five hours straight as we drove from NJ to Washington, DC. I worked on it whenever I could steal some time in the hotel. An hour before the wedding I realized that although I could finish knitting the shawl, I would not have enough time to weave in all the ends. Unfortunately, there weren't enough ends to look anything like fringe. My husband then informed me that I probably wasn't going to need it because it was 90+ degrees and very humid outside. So it went back into the knitting bag. There is sat for a months. But every time I wore the brown dress I was making it to go with, I thought, "I've got to finish that shawl." Well, tonight, one year later, my husband and I are going out to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary and I am wearing the brown dress and the hand knitted shawl. Despite the fact that at 7:30 P.M. it is 79 degrees. I hope it's cold in the restaurant.

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