Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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 Thank you, Karen for hosting such a wonderful event!

Hi! Welcome to my studio!

My studio used to be our dining room, but since it was only used once a year I started to take it over. Last summer,  my husband asked me if I would like the room to be my own - no more dining room. Of course I said, "YES!" So, he moved the dining room table out and set up two eight foot tables for me, and then I began to get settled in. Come have a look!

This is a view of my room from our kitchen. As you can see I have lots of natural light.

This is the only piece of my dining room set that remained in the room. The storage at the bottom of this hutch is too wonderful!

This used to be my mother-in-laws chandelier. I added the glass beads and lampshades. The shades did not come with the fringe. I added that.

My wine and cocktail nook. The picture on the front of the fridge is a Where Women Create inspirational quote of the week. It says, "I make cocktails ... not dinner."

My yarn stash and goodies. This shelf is wonderful. Each shelf can be disconnected and the entire piece can be reconfigured. Makes it real easy to put almost anywhere in the room.

My chair. It used to belong to my sister. I was the lucky receiver when she decided to redecorate. I have my morning coffee here every morning and write my Morning Pages. I read here, write here, knit here, and nap here.

My bag tree. My father-in-law made us beautiful coat racks that hang on the wall for our mud room, so I took the old coat tree. It works really well for my bags. I purchased the beautiful knitted bag at the Vogue Knitting Expo in NY. An event every knitter must attend. 

My neighbor put this table out for the garbage. I promptly conviscated it. It needs a bit of TLC, but I love it. I love the shape, and if you look closely you can see that it easily fits right under my work table. I pull it out when I need it and tuck it away when I don't.

My inspiration board, calendar, and multi-functional white board hang right within my reach. My wonderful husband hung them all securely for me. I tend to hang everything with push pins.

My husband purchased this dress form for me for my birthday a few years ago. I love it! You can also see that there are some adirondack chairs right outside the sliding doors of my studio. Wonderful to sip an  evening glass of wine and knit.

I purchased this bag at Target. It holds an amazing amount of projects. I am definitely a multi-tasker when it comes to knitting. I usually have at least three or four projects going on at the same time.

My stash once again. I love my stash!

I love my rolling carts. They fit perfectly under my table, and they hold tons of stuff. I still have room in them for more. Yay!

Here's an idea I used in my classroom. I duct taped, across the top, two rolling carts together. I then placed a board across them making an instant rolling table. 

I love to knit shawls. A friend of mine received an academy award for some camera work, and she wore this shawl to the awards. I was very excited!

I knitted this shawl to go over my dress for my nephew's wedding. I knitted for five hours in the car as we drove to Washington, D.C.  However, the temperature reached well into the nineties, so the shawl was never needed.

This is my muse. I crocheted her years ago when my children were little, and I would sit at the lake with them all day. I got a lot of knitting and crocheting done in those days.

This is Dory and Bernie. They can sometimes make knitting very difficult.

I thought I would leave you with a smile. This is an ornament that I needle felted.

I hope you enjoyed touring my studio. I love working in my room. I lose all sense of time and can easily work for hours upon hours in there. Sometimes I even forget to eat.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my studio.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. what a beautiful room, love those windows. you have a wonderful husband...

  2. Love, love, love your space! Best use of a dining room, ever. You are one creative lady and it shows in your studio. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love that you rescued that table. I have a friend who can make AMAZING things with pre-loved furniture. I just wish I had that talent!

    Your space is so homey, and I love the poppies on your blog!

    I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...

  4. I love the idea of duct taping the rolling carts together, and adding a board to make a little table! Very creative :) This is something I must try :) Very lovely space. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Another blog post highlighting the amazingness of a good husband. What a sweetie- I love looking at all that yarn. Keep up your creating and thanks for sharing your space with us.

  6. Aren't husbands great, well most. I have a friend whose husband will only let her craft in her kitchen. :( Sweet of yours to let you take over the diningroom and it makes a great space!!! If you get a chance stop by mine and see the craft cottage my husband build for me!!!

  7. Terry, I love that you were able to claim your former dining room for your space. Fantastic windows. You knit, you must be a patient woman.
    I am loving your dress form and all your stacks of supplies.
    Keep blogging and creating

  8. Loved your studio. Very nice well lit creative space. I love all the windows. Thanks for sharing.

  9. It is a fabulous space Terry! It looks very inviting and I bet you spend LOT'S of time there! After all... the kitchen is just a few steps away! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing your creativity with us all!!

  10. What wonderful windows you have in that space! Your husband sounds like a great and supportive guy. Love your space and your shawls are lovely.

  11. Those big windows make for such a bright, cheerful studio. Love that chair for your morning coffee and journaling (or evening wine!).

  12. Thanx for stopping by my place and I enjoyed my visit to yours. Great area to sip coffee in and knit. Lovely!

  13. Love your cocktail corner...I need one of those!
    My husband moved his office and equipment into our dining room, too. Like you, it had formerly been used maybe once a year. Now he loves the peace and quiet and all the light...just like your great creative space. Thanks for the tour. Hope you can visit's taking me forever to get through the great places on the list!


  14. Such a wonderfully creative space. I love all of the light.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. So many things to like about your studio... the natural light for one the Dress form for another. Thanks so much for the tour of your lovely and inviting space!

  16. I'm loving visiting everyone's creative spaces...

    So, inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!

  17. Terry - your creative space is absolutely beautiful - I love all those wonderful windows - oh my the light - and the morning - and the rain - you can watch it all as you make something wonderful. Your yarn stash is beautiful also - make my heart jump a bit! I can see why you love this place so much - I would give anything to have those wonderful windows!

    Thanks for your visit to my space - (I would trade you in a heartbeat!)~~


  18. Best use of a dining room for sure! The dining room hutch is wonderful storage ~ I would have kept that piece too!
    Love that you rescued that pie edged table from the garbage. It's a beautiful piece.

    Happy creating!

  19. What a great idea to turn a hardly used dining room into your creative studio! Those windows are just lovely, you're in the hub of your home. The kitchen is nearby, the outdoors where you can sit and relax with your coffee is right there. How gorgeous is that.
    I love what you did with the rolling drawer bins, hello, instant work top.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful space and for sharing your gorgeous knitting works of art, I truly enjoyed my visit.

  20. Very, very nice studio. I also always have my two kitties visiting me when I'm working, not easy. Like the snow man you made and good job on the chandelier. Lots of pretties here.

  21. Thanks so much for taking time to visit me over at Blueskies...
    husband is a gem!!!
    I love your work, how exciting to have a shawl appear at the academy awards.
    Your rolling table is a great idea, I will have to give that one a try. Isn't it great to learn so many ideas from each other as we see our spaces?
    I'm happy to see you are a special education teacher. Our daughter benefits from people that give sacrificially such as yourself. My husband and a team of seven other men just finished the Race Across America to raise funds so we can begin a special ed program at our local private high school!
    I'll be back to visit...

  22. Fantastic area to create. Great lighting from those windows and great use of the room. Love everything about this creative space.

  23. What a beautiful space. I love all the natural lighting you have. What is needle felting? it looks really nice but I have never heard of it. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful day. Angela

  24. Thank you Terry for your sweet wishes. You must be an amazing person to be in the career you chose (or maybe it chose you). I love your space inside and out. Love that you love your coffee ritual! Shawls are awesome! I'm excited to be your second member as I so enjoyed your craft and your story on the turkey vultures. xo devon

  25. Your studio looks very inviting and very organized. The cats sure seem to love it too.

  26. Hi Terry, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your space is wonderful too, to have all that light streaming in is perfect. I had to laugh at your comment about push pins because I do the same thing. I had hanging things on the wall, I never seem to get them straight. Have a great week, Nan

  27. Hi Terry!! I'm just now going through all the comments and discovered your question about my chair. I actually just used a king sized Matlesse' pillowcase and slipped it over the back. It was just the right size. Then I took another one apart and used it to cover the seat. No sewing required!
    Enjoy the rest of your week and let me know if you have any more questions.

  28. Morning Terry, I love, l love that table! I get very envious of lovely big stashes of goodies :)

    Terry thank you for visiting my blog. I have definitely missed some creative spaces. I am going to have to start at A again. No I don't mind your personal question at all. I visit my daughter in London and give her a break form her twin baby boys, as best I can. I visit my son and family, have two wonderful grandchildren there that I miss continuously and my hubby and I try to book a getaway for three or four days every second break. Last break we went up to the Lake District in Cumbria and had a wonderful 3 nights in a stunning hotel. My life is so different from what it used to be, quiet liberating in some ways.

  29. I love your room, your view, and your STASH! LOL Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  30. Hi Terry - I'm back again - with a little surprise for you~~~ go back to my Bloggers Create post and check the bottom of the post!

    Have a great weekend~~

    ps - send me your mailing address!

  31. your studio
    is lovely,
    terry! isn't
    is wonderful
    to have a spot
    that whispers
    thank you for
    the kind words
    you left about
    our owl project
    in create with
    me. beatrice
    and i were very
    happy to hear
    that you were
    inspired. you
    truly blessed
    my heart.
    have a lovely
    day, and all
    my best!

  32. Love your creative space, especially how you store your yarns, and OMG your knitting is amazing!!! The shawls are to die for!



  33. What a lovely creative knitting world you have! I'm jealous! I went to a knitting class, and learned how to knitt scarves, and that's it so far. You inspire me to get back to it and learn how to knitt shawls like yours.
    Your space is warm and homey, and you and you husband seem to be a lovely couple!
    Glad you came to visit my space, now I found you! Thank you and have a beautiful day!