Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vogue Knitting Live!!!


Yesterday I went into NYC with my friend Tammy to attend Vogue Knitting Live! We drove to Weehawken and took the ferry across the river.


I love taking the ferry! 

Then we had a short bus ride.  And we were there!

Two floors of the Marriott Marquis filled with yarn, yarn and more yarn. Heaven on Earth! Open-mouthed smile

Although I checked out EVERYTHING,  I went to find PINK yarn for Vicki’s from Pink Scarf Project.


This is what I bought! Can you see the sparkles? It is Bamboo and Organic Cotton. It is soft and sparkly. I bought it from the booth. They came all the way from Anaheim, California. They do not sell this gorgeous yarn on their website. It can only be purchased at shows. If they are coming to a show near you, I recommend a visit to their booth. Not only is their yarn beautiful, but the prices were very fair.

So now I need to find a scarf pattern for this beautiful yarn. Any suggestions?

I promise to post a photo of the scarf when it is complete.

Thank you, Beverly,, for hosting the Pink Saturday blog party!

With love,                                                                                               

Terry Coffee cup


  1. I really would have liked to be there,too.Wonderful yarn.

  2. Yes, I see the sparkle! I love sparkle and the yarn is gorgeous. Sure sounds like a fun thing to do. Cant' wait to see the scarf.........

    The French Hutch