Monday, February 13, 2012

Park Avenue Ruffles

Hi, Friends!
As some of you know, I attended Vogue Knitting Live back in January. Attending Vogue Knitting Live is one of the highlights of my year! This year I visited a booth from At this booth I purchased the yarn and pattern to make this scarf.
They call this “The Park Avenue Luxury Ruffle.” I wish you could feel how soft it is. It feels so good around my neck, and it keeps me so warm.
And if I want to wear it just as an accessory, I can wear it this way.
It looks like this from the back.
If you are a knitter here’s a big secret: this was the quickest and easiest scarf I ever knit. You can make it in just an evening or two. It’s was so simple, I felt like I was cheating. But it looks like it was really hard. Doesn’t it? This is a scarf I could make for every girl on my Christmas list. Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea. Smile
Happy Creating!

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  1. I like your scarf you made. It makes me wish I knew how to knit.

  2. Love this scarf! I've been getting the itch to learn knitting and it's on my bucket list of things to learn. Thank you for stopping by my blog and joining. I'm your newest friend.

  3. Love your scarf. I have crocheted ruffled scarves like this-now I should knit one.

  4. Hi! Found you via Debbiedoo's Newbie party blog!

    Love the scarf, and have crochet many of them, but this knitted version is lovely!

    Just became your newest follower, and hope you'll pop over and take a look at mine.