Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting Ready

My babies


graduated from college. Yes, they are quadruplets. Smile

Actually, they graduated from colleges – 4 different ones. Next Saturday we are celebrating their graduations. There is so much to do: food shop, stain the deck, clean the house, cook, shop some more, decorate. Then, of course, are the things I want to get done before the company arrives: wash the windows, paint every room, buy and hang new curtains, clean the carpets. Okay, I have to let go of some things. So, I am making a list of what I can reasonably achieve, which brings me back to food shop, clean the house, decorate and call a caterer. Yes, my husband and I did manage to stain the deck, and there are a few windows that definitely need washing. I need to remind myself that friends and family are coming to celebrate – not to check out the cleanliness of my house. Hmm, do you think it is unreasonable to want to plant a garden in the front of the house and pave the walkway to the house?

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