Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fabulous Pink Valentines!


Valentine’s Day I leaped out of bed! My countdown was over! Today was the day!


I awoke to this beautiful scenic gift.





The beauty of it captivated everyone in the area. I had a morning meeting at work, and everyone was talking about how beautiful the drive in was. There were tons of beautiful photos on Facebook. A Valentine gift from God. Red heart 




I am a teacher, and Valentine’s Day is a very exciting day at an elementary school, especially when it is the day before a four day weekend. Smile


Usually, the students are not allowed to have sugary treats at school, but exceptions are made for Halloween and Valentine’s Day. My third and fourth graders were so happy.

The fourth grade boy, who brought in this cookie said, “Today is the best day of my life!” When I asked why, he said, “Because we have treats!”

I love the little pink heart down on the right hand side of this cookie. Red heart 

This cookie was absolutely delicious! The chocolate was fudgy and icing was scrumptious. I don’t usually eat cookies at ten o’clock in the morning, but Valentine’s Day was all about exceptions. Smile





I took a picture of the package, because I plan to buy these cookies when I see them in the store.



Then I went to the teacher’s room for lunch, and these scrumptious delights were on the table. Smile 

As you can see not only were the children getting their fill of sugar, but so was I.



Not everyone was passing out sugar. How cute is this? One little girl passed out silk flowers attached to flower seeds. Isn’t that a great idea? I got a big smile on my face when she handed me this, and I sighed a deep smiley sigh and thought, “Oh yay! Spring is on the way!”



Eventually we all stopped eating sugar. Some classes went outside to sleigh ride. Others curled up with books to read. It really was a delightful day for all.


While everyone else was having a sugar crash my energy and excitement were increasing!


At 3:40 when I could leave the building I literally ran out the door – hmm, was that the sugar? Smile 


I arrived home and my husband was ready to go. YAY!!!!


We were going into New York City for the evening.


First, we had a delicious dinner at



It was very cozy inside. The servers were exceptional, and the food was excellent. I recommend it highly if you are going to the theatre. They specialize in outstanding quick service so people can get to the theatre.  Oh yes, we were headed to see . . .



Do you see that tree in the window? We were there at night, and that tree was covered in little twinkle lights. It was so pretty!



They prepared and served our food so quickly, (but they do not rush you) that we had time to have an after dinner drink at the bar. Check out that register! They had two of them. I believe they are from around 1965. If you know what year they are from please comment. They were in perfect condition.




We left the restaurant and started to walk to our show. Yay!!!!!

This was the restaurant across the street. How pretty is that?




We walked two blocks to








He put on a fantastic show!

Can you guess what he was singing here?

“I can’t smile without you . . .” Note





Do you remember when he looked like this? I do. Smile



Don’t you love the pink sequined jacket?


For you.

Barry Manilow on Broadway 2/14/13


I loved Valentine’s Day 2013 so much that I posted on my Facebook:

#1 best day of my life – the day I married Gary                                    

#2 best day of my life – the day my children were born

#3 best day of my life – the day I saw Barry with Gary Smile Red heart Smile


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. so happy to hear about your beautiful day!!! x

  2. Terry, I love your enthusiasm!

  3. Awwww, how sweet Terry! What a lovely Valentine's day you had, sugar and all!
    I admire your profession so much, since I have young kids. :)
    Thanks so much for your kinds words over at my blog.
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