Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Can't Donate Blood - Ever

Today I found out that I cannot donate blood - ever. I was surprised and sad. 

Twenty-four years ago, when I gave birth to my quadruplets, I suffered from congestive heart failure. This happened for several reasons. I was carrying a lot of babies, I had taken fertility medication (Clomid and Pergonal) to get pregnant, and I had taken medication to stop pre-term labor. All this combined was too much for my body, too much for my heart. 

Today I went to donate blood. I filled out the paperwork. My finger was pricked, and the blood was tested for iron. I was lying on the bed ready for the technician to take my blood. Then a man came over and asked, "You have had congestive heart failure in the past?" I said yes. He very kindly explained that I could not give blood because first, there were concerns about me and how my heart might respond to giving blood. Second, he said that they could not know what medications I was given back then that still might have some sort of affect on me and others. He told me, "You cannot give blood, ever."

I left. I was sad, because this was one less way I could help others. 

I was grateful. I was grateful that they were concerned about my health and the health of others.

 I can't give blood. I can't serve and bless others in that way.

God will show me how He needs me to bless and serve others. I will listen.

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