Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Pioneer Woman

I have been addicted to The Pioneer Woman for a few years now. Although her lifestyle is definitely not the lifestyle for me, I love her work!

For those of you who are thinking, "Huh? Who is she talking about?" Check out:

But I am thinking, "You really don"t know who she is?"

Last summer my friend Denise and I went to the BlogHer conference in NYC, and guess who was there?

 It was a dream come true!

I first came to know Ree Drummond via the blog world. Not long after I started blogging I was reading about her in other blogs, and those wonderful bloggers led me to Ree's blog "The Pioneer Woman."

I followed her blog for a while, then one day I saw an add on the food network channel for a new cooking show called The Pioneer Woman. I stared hollering to my family, " I know her! I know her! She's a blogging friend!" Now Ree Drummond doesn't know me from the lady who makes her butter in the Land-o-Lakes factory, but we were members of the blogging community and in my mind that made us friends. Of course, now, I follow both her blog and her TV show.

Ree and I have our similarities. We both blog. We both adore our husbands. We both are mothers to four children we love with our whole beings. We both have three siblings. We both adore our husbands. We both love our homes in the country. We both love our lives. We both adore our husbands.

Ree and I have our differences. She lives in the country on a cattle ranch of thousands of acres of cattle and horses. I live in the country on a six acre piece of land with deer, bear, turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, fox and other assorted wildlife that I don't feed, ride on or eat. She has dogs. I have cats. She has two boys and two girls. I have three girls and one boy. But, the biggest difference of all - Ree likes to cook! She actually does it for fun! I see nothing fun in cooking. I cook because my family has to eat. If they were willing to eat peanut butter and jelly at every meal I would love them even more.

A couple of years ago I read that Ree had written a book titled The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I jotted it down on my lists of books to read, but for some reason which I really do not know, I never read it. Last week I was in Barnes and Noble and sitting on the bargain table with a $5.38 sticker on it was Ree's book. It was the day before pay day, and I had just enough money in my wallet to buy that book.  I picked up the book and went to the counter to pay for it praying that the sales person wasn't going to say, "I'm sorry, but this book is not on sale. That sticker should not be here." Thank goodness that didn't happen! I paid for my book and left the store feeling like I had just purchased the Hope Diamond.

I arrived home, ate dinner, which really was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that night, got into my pajamas and went to bed at 8:00 P.M. with my new book and the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.

Orange is my favorite color and this book has a beautiful orange cover jacket, and the hard cover is the most gorgeous shade of orange. At a fantastic price and with covers I  want to frame, I was absolutely convinced that God had moved heaven and earth to put this book into my hands. Thank You, God!

 The jacket cover.               The hard cover. Isn't it gorgeous!?

I am about half way into the book and I love the price, I love the covers, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BOOK! Ree Drummond has taken me into her life. This book starts at the night she met Marlboro Man and, according to the jacket summary, will tell me the whole love story. It reads like a novel, but it is even better because I know it really happened, and I believe in true love. I have laughed, I have cried, I have thought, "Oh dear, how does she keep getting herself into these situations?"

Ree blesses us all with the talents God gave her. I admire her and her work. I pray that I follow her example and use what God has given me to bless and serve others. God, could we just leave cooking out?

With love and peanut butter sandwiches,


  1. Isn't Ree the greatest! I enjoy her work so much and it was nice to read of your delight too.

  2. Fun post, Terry...your admiration and enthusiasm for Ree really comes through. She has done a remarkable job for herself, making a name for herself in the world of bloggins and cooking and publishing, and who knows what else! I think she would be really tickled to know what an inspiration she is to you. :-)

  3. You are so funny! I love your blog! I think it's so cool that you got to meet Ree, your blogger friend. I consider my blogging friends true friends also! Wish I could go to a conference some day! How do you hear about them? I still feel like a beginner blogger. I'm joining your blog now and going to look at Ree's too! Have a delightful spring! Linda@ Grandmalay's Daydreams