Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Can't Donate Blood - Ever

Today I found out that I cannot donate blood - ever. I was surprised and sad. 

Twenty-four years ago, when I gave birth to my quadruplets, I suffered from congestive heart failure. This happened for several reasons. I was carrying a lot of babies, I had taken fertility medication (Clomid and Pergonal) to get pregnant, and I had taken medication to stop pre-term labor. All this combined was too much for my body, too much for my heart. 

Today I went to donate blood. I filled out the paperwork. My finger was pricked, and the blood was tested for iron. I was lying on the bed ready for the technician to take my blood. Then a man came over and asked, "You have had congestive heart failure in the past?" I said yes. He very kindly explained that I could not give blood because first, there were concerns about me and how my heart might respond to giving blood. Second, he said that they could not know what medications I was given back then that still might have some sort of affect on me and others. He told me, "You cannot give blood, ever."

I left. I was sad, because this was one less way I could help others. 

I was grateful. I was grateful that they were concerned about my health and the health of others.

 I can't give blood. I can't serve and bless others in that way.

God will show me how He needs me to bless and serve others. I will listen.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Real Reason Why I Blog

Dear Reader,

I have given a lot of thought about why I blog. When I first started blogging my purpose was to document my memories of raising my children (quadruplets) for my children. As I continued to blog I found myself blogging more about what was going on in my present day life. As my posts continued to be about my life now I created a new blog, and abandoned  the blog I began about my memories of raising quadruplets.

I continued to read that one must clearly have a purpose for their blog, and I found that I continued to think about my purpose. I  thought and prayed about it, and I came to the real reason why I blog.

Yes, like the subtitle to my blog says, I do share what makes my heart leap for joy. I  do write with the intention of uplifting my readers and adding a little joy to your lives. However, there is another reason, the real reason, that I choose to blog.

My mother died from breast cancer when I was 8 years old. I hardly knew her. Her parents had both passed away before I was born. My dad passed away when I was 28 years old. His parents had both passed away before I was born. I did not know my grandparents at all, and I remember very little about my mother. I am abundantly grateful that I knew my dad.

When my children were young I kept journals and diaries. I wanted to be sure that if anything ever happened to me (as morbid as that sounds) they would know me, and they would know how much I loved them. Now, my children are 24, and I am quite confident they know me, and they know how much I love them.  So now I write for the purpose that my grandchildren will know me, and my great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren and so on. I believe that if they can get an understanding of who I am through my diaries, journals and blog, they might have a  better understanding of where they came from and why they are who they are.

In the book Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss  by Hope Edelman I read the words, "I am who I am because my mother died."  Fifteen years ago, when I first read those words, I was not convinced. However, now, at the age of 54, I understand that statement. I am who I am because my mother died when I was 8 years old, and I am a blogger because my mother died when I was 8 years old.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fabulous Pink Valentines!


Valentine’s Day I leaped out of bed! My countdown was over! Today was the day!


I awoke to this beautiful scenic gift.





The beauty of it captivated everyone in the area. I had a morning meeting at work, and everyone was talking about how beautiful the drive in was. There were tons of beautiful photos on Facebook. A Valentine gift from God. Red heart 




I am a teacher, and Valentine’s Day is a very exciting day at an elementary school, especially when it is the day before a four day weekend. Smile


Usually, the students are not allowed to have sugary treats at school, but exceptions are made for Halloween and Valentine’s Day. My third and fourth graders were so happy.

The fourth grade boy, who brought in this cookie said, “Today is the best day of my life!” When I asked why, he said, “Because we have treats!”

I love the little pink heart down on the right hand side of this cookie. Red heart 

This cookie was absolutely delicious! The chocolate was fudgy and icing was scrumptious. I don’t usually eat cookies at ten o’clock in the morning, but Valentine’s Day was all about exceptions. Smile





I took a picture of the package, because I plan to buy these cookies when I see them in the store.



Then I went to the teacher’s room for lunch, and these scrumptious delights were on the table. Smile 

As you can see not only were the children getting their fill of sugar, but so was I.



Not everyone was passing out sugar. How cute is this? One little girl passed out silk flowers attached to flower seeds. Isn’t that a great idea? I got a big smile on my face when she handed me this, and I sighed a deep smiley sigh and thought, “Oh yay! Spring is on the way!”



Eventually we all stopped eating sugar. Some classes went outside to sleigh ride. Others curled up with books to read. It really was a delightful day for all.


While everyone else was having a sugar crash my energy and excitement were increasing!


At 3:40 when I could leave the building I literally ran out the door – hmm, was that the sugar? Smile 


I arrived home and my husband was ready to go. YAY!!!!


We were going into New York City for the evening.


First, we had a delicious dinner at



It was very cozy inside. The servers were exceptional, and the food was excellent. I recommend it highly if you are going to the theatre. They specialize in outstanding quick service so people can get to the theatre.  Oh yes, we were headed to see . . .



Do you see that tree in the window? We were there at night, and that tree was covered in little twinkle lights. It was so pretty!



They prepared and served our food so quickly, (but they do not rush you) that we had time to have an after dinner drink at the bar. Check out that register! They had two of them. I believe they are from around 1965. If you know what year they are from please comment. They were in perfect condition.




We left the restaurant and started to walk to our show. Yay!!!!!

This was the restaurant across the street. How pretty is that?




We walked two blocks to








He put on a fantastic show!

Can you guess what he was singing here?

“I can’t smile without you . . .” Note





Do you remember when he looked like this? I do. Smile



Don’t you love the pink sequined jacket?


For you.

Barry Manilow on Broadway 2/14/13


I loved Valentine’s Day 2013 so much that I posted on my Facebook:

#1 best day of my life – the day I married Gary                                    

#2 best day of my life – the day my children were born

#3 best day of my life – the day I saw Barry with Gary Smile Red heart Smile


Have a wonderful weekend!

Terry Coffee cup

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Five More Wake-Ups!

I am so excited! Only five more wake-ups until …


This morning I woke up to this:


See the screen? With the wind chill it was 4 degrees outside. I was staying warm and cozy inside. There was 12.5 inches of  snow outside.



This is our front yard. The wind was blowing the snow all over the place. It was also blowing it back on the driveway that my husband was working so hard to clear off. Annoyed 



Today is a  perfect day to make a cup of hot chocolate Coffee cupand work on this:


It is a handbag that I knitted, crocheted and felted.  Now I am needle felting a design onto it. I have the design all laid out. Pink flowers with yellow centers. What do you think? The puffs of green are going to be leaves.

See the leaf cookie cutter? I use cookie cutters when I needle felt. They work beautifully!


It is also the perfect day to spend a little time working on this:


This is going to be a cowl that my daughters and I are going to share. It is really hard to see, but if you look closely you can see some pink sequins scattered here and there. I love a little bling!



BUT, no matter what project I am excited about, I am more excited about what is coming in five more wake-ups!


Valentine’s Day!!!!!


BECAUSE, along with my husband, my sister, and my sister’s significant other we are going to NYC - - - BROADWAY - - - to see




I love Barry Manilow! I have never seen Barry Manilow in concert. I am so excited!  I will bring my camera. Do you think they will let me take pictures? I promise to post them if they do.


I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, because then it will only be four more wake-ups.


This year I plan to make sure that I have at least one special occasion that I am looking forward to each month. Something that makes my heart leap with joy just by thinking about it. In January I attended Vogue Knitting Live. It was fabulous! February is Barry! March, my husband and I are going to get away by ourselves for a weekend. He is planning that. Smile

What are you looking forward to?



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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Have You Heard of Lungleavin Day?


Mesothelioma, I don’t know much about Mesothelioma. Thankfully, I only know one person who was diagnosed with this disease.


The other day I received an email from a 44 year old mother who told me her story about being diagnosed with Mesothelioma.


The person I knew did not beat this disease. Red heart


Heather Von St. James, the mother I received the email from, did! She beat it! She conquered it! She is cancer free! Yay!!!! SmileSmileSmileSmile




Heather sent me the email below, and asked me to provide a link to her article about Lungleavin Day that she posted on the blog at


I don’t know Heather. I don’t know anyone who knows Heather. I asked myself why God was asking me to help Heather.


Here’s my answer:

Remember this photo?

That’s my mom and me. I was 7, she was 45. She had cancer in this photo. She didn’t beat it. She didn’t conquer it. She is not a survivor. No little girl should have to grow up without her mom.


Heather has a little girl named Lily. Lillian was my mom’s name. Lily was 3 and 1/2 months when Heather got sick. Lily is 7 now - - - she still has her mom. She is a lucky little girl. Smile


Heather has chosen to take her experience and use it to help others. I believe strongly in that. I took my experience and used it to help other children who lost a parent by volunteering with


BUT this post isn’t about me. It is about Heather.


Please read Heather’s email to me below, and if your heart leads you, click the link to her article.


Lungleavin Day is over. Heather is NOT looking for money. She just wants to spread the word about her successful recovery and this special day she created to help others.


If your heart leads you, perhaps you will write a post about Heather and spread her word.


Thank you,

Terry Coffee cup



I came across your blog and really love how thoughtful and inspirational your posts are. I am 44 and a mother to a quirky little 7 year old, Lily. She is my only child and I couldn't imagine my world without her. When Lily was just 3 ½ months old, I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma; a rare type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, which kills 90-95% of those who have it. After intense treatment and a long recovery, almost 7 years later I'm still here and cancer free! My journey through cancer was quite a terrifying one and I'd like to turn my struggles and obstacles into inspiration and hope for others. One of many things that came out of my battle with cancer is a holiday I created called Lungleavin Day. This is the anniversary of my surgery (Feb 2nd) in which my entire left lung was removed. Lungleavin Day is a celebration of life and facing your fears. Each year we celebrate with nearly 100 loved ones. The idea of this day is for everyone to fill a blank plate with their fears and smash it into a bonfire at my Lungleavin day party, symbolizing people throwing their fears to the fire. I also use Lungleavin day as a fundraiser for mesothelioma research.

I am contacting you because I feel that your blog would be an excellent place to help get the word out about Lungleavin’ day! I recently wrote on my blog reflecting on this years holiday and what a success it was! Would you be willing to link to this article? I would love if you’d be willing to write a little bit about inspiration and then give a shout out to Lungleavin day! Here is the link to the article: www(dot) Please let me know what you think.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

And the Winner Is . . .


Last night I counted the comments on my blog. There were 28. I know that the post says that there are 43, but I have been replying to everyone who left a comment, (If I haven’t replied to your comment, I promise, I  will.) and I didn’t include my replies as part of the count.


I then told my daughter’s boyfriend to pick a number between 1 and 28. He immediately, without hesitation, said 14!


I returned to the comments on my blog post and counted,

and number 14 is . . .


The one who won this



Elaine from! 

I sent Elaine an email telling her that she is the winner. Hope to hear from you soon, Elaine.

I am still visiting blogs. It is going to take a while to get through all 400. I am overwhelmed by how amazing each and every one is. I am so happy to be part of such a caring blog community. For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about check out  Vicki’s blog party at

Have a joy-filled day!

Terry Coffee cup